Brainface, coloured old sketch

colouring old illustrations

Illustration I did for the 48th edition of the Spanish dxi magazine on the topic “earth”. Inspiration were Fatboy Slims’ “Weapon of Choice” and little sleep.

Illustration with Elli Articus for the Rundgang at AKA Stuttgart next friday ! 
Our class will do live-silkscreenprinting of this image and many more, so come by!

Sneakpeak for the newest Zine of Parallel Universe Collective

Preparations for the next zine of Parallel Universe Collective. Inspired by misfits character Kelly

My camouflage series at The Don’t Show last friday. Stattbad Berlin

The Don’t Show Exhibition! Starting at 20:30 at Stattbad Wedding in Berlin!
Come by :)

All drawings of the Camouflage-series for The Don’t Show - coloured & combined


Parallel Universe member ​Kati Szilagyi is going to show some work of hers
among pieces of other designers at The Don’t Show in Berlin.

Come by!

(design by Steffen Knöll)

coloured illustration of one if my works for The Don’t Show – Stattbad Wedding, Berlin in midjune !